Join the creamy crew!

At Vice Cream we believe in unapologetic indulgence.

None of that vegan, dairy- free, protein, wanna-be ice cream. We are talking about real ice cream. We are looking for flavorful people around the country who love to indulge and who represent "Live Life, Dig In"! Be a brand evangelist and introduce friends, family and your social network to the creamiest, most luscious ice cream you know!


  • Free Vice Cream on a monthly basis! Mmmmmm
  •  Vice Cream swag!
  • Get Vice first! Access to the new flavor development process
  • Connect with other ice cream fanactics and members of our Creamy Crew
    Think about it.. you could have Breakfast in Bed every weekend

I want in!

To Apply:  

  • Fill out the questionnaire below
  • If we feel like you are someone who can lick this roll we will schedule a phone interview! 

If you are accepted to our Creamy Crew:


  • Post pictures of Vice Cream to your personal social media channels
  • Attend a launch event in your area
  • Share the Vice love! Wear your Vice Cream swag in public, give items to your friends
  • Provide tasting feedback on current and new flavors
  • Put on a Vice Cream wrestling competition in your market.. just kidding.. be passionate about all things Vice Cream. 

To apply fill out the following questionnaire. Please answer all questions. 

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What is your phone number?
What is your phone number?