Enough with the New Year’s resolutions.

Seriously, just stop.

Frankly, we like you just the way you are and we don’t want you to change a thing.

Sure, you’ve been gorging yourself with food and drink since Thanksgiving, but, hey, that’s just part of the whole human experience. The holidays are simply a celebration of life, and nobody should make you feel bad about the choices you made during them.

Besides, do you really think you’re going to wake up on January 1st, flip a switch and change everything about yourself overnight? You’re not a robot. You’re a living, breathing, pleasure-seeking human being, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

At Vice Cream our mantra is, “Live Life. Dig In.” If something makes you happy then, by God, dive face first into it and love every second. We say go big or go home! That’s why we make the most decadent and unapologetically indulgent ice cream you can imagine.

Look, if you want to go to the gym, then by all means go to the gym. But don’t do it just because society tells you you’re supposed to change something about yourself every time the odometer rolls over in January.

And speaking of gyms, could you pick a worse month to start going?  It’s like trying to get into a bar on St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you’re lucky enough to find an open treadmill you’ll probably be crammed between two sweaty jamokes. Is it any wonder why 23% of all gym memberships are canceled by February?

But, hey, if you’re still hell-bent on joining something then you can sign up for a Vice Cream Membership. It’s just like a gym membership, only way more fun because you get a chance to win free stuff every month like schwag and free pints of our rich, premium ice cream.

In fact, to get this ice cream party started, we’re giving away coupons for free pints for the first 100 people who sign up!

There’s just one catch. You have to promise not to make any New Year’s resolutions.

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