We try to bring smiles to the faces of cancer patients and their families.


Founders Story:

It all started with an ice cream truck. When Vice Cream founder, Dan Schorr was in college, he paid for school by driving a Good Humor truck during the summer. To Dan it was the greatest job he ever had. He’d wake up at 10:30 and drive his truck to beaches, concerts and pools, and watch faces light up when he rang that bell. It was during those hot summers that he saw first hand the simple joy ice cream could bring people.

After school, Dan took his early ice cream experience and used it as a launch pad for a career in the food and beverage industry. And, of course, when the time came for him to start a food brand of his own, ice cream was a natural category.

But what kind of ice cream was Dan going to make? He certainly didn’t want to bring another sugar-free, dairy-free, soy, low-fat product into the world. There were plenty of those already. Besides, to Dan ice cream is, and always should be, about unapologetic indulgence.

If he was going to take the time and effort to make an ice cream of his very own then it needed to be rich, impossibly creamy and loaded with decadent mix-ins. But just as things were beginning to take off for his new brand Vice Cream, life threw Dan a bit of a curveball.

Even though he never smoked, ate well and competed regularly in triathlons, he somehow found himself in the unenviable position of sitting in a parking lot being told over the phone that he had cancer – an aggressive form of Lymphoma to be exact.

Staring down a grim diagnosis and six rounds of chemo, Dan made an important decision: he wasn’t just going to live life; he was going to indulge in it. So he poured himself into the things that brought him joy. He ran, biked and worked every day on perfecting his delicious, soul-pleasing ice cream.

It was a long, hard fight, but as of August 2016 Dan is fortunate enough to say he is cancer free.

At Vice Cream, we take our business and our ice cream very seriously. But never ourselves. Because life is funny. Maybe not always ha-ha funny, but still funny. The important thing is to indulge in it while you can.

So go ahead, eat your kale, drink your 8 glasses of water a day, and go to your spin classes. But when it comes time to cut loose and eat a little ice cream then we say #EFIC

Live Life. Dig in.


At Vice Cream we believe in the power of ice cream. We‘ve seen first hand how it can brighten up someone’s day, even if it’s just for a moment.  One of our core values is to “Ring the Bells”, a term that harkens back to our founder’s first job as an ice cream truck driver.  

It’s a commitment to bringing a little magic and joy in people’s lives, especially those who could use some cheering up. One of the ways we deliver on our mission is by supporting cancer patients, doctors, nurses and organizations that care for patients and their families.  

We are inspired every day by the heroes who face down incredible adversities, but never lose their humor, optimism or determination.  

You remind us all to “Live Life. Dig in”.